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The India Culture, Hinduism, Saints and Humanity being attacked

In July 2008 there occurred a sudden death of two children studying in the Ahmedabd Gurukul of the ashram. The post mortem report showed that the death was caused due to drowning. The Trivedi Enquiry Commission appointed by the Gujarat Government has also not stated this incident as murder. Still the C.I.D. Crime Branch of Gujarat police has filed a case under sections 114 and 304 of I. P. C. on seven managers and trustees of the ashram. The Gujarat High Court severely rebuked the C.I.D Crime regarding this baseless case and barred then form initiating an action against the sadhakas as of now.
This being the truth of the (sequence of) incident nonetheless, the Sandesh Newspaper of Gujarat has been publishing without any proof false fabricated and vulgar news and articles against sant Sri Asaramji Bapu and ashram being driven by malice and envy. This has hurt the religious sentiments of people. A protest really had been held ageist this by thousand of person on 26th November inGandhinagar. During the rally those involved in this defamatory activity insinuated into the crowd of the rally wearing clothes like sadhakas in conformation with a premeditated conspiracy and threw stones in retaliation to which the enraged police not only opened lathes but also bombarded 60 shells of tear gas and 8 hand grenades upon the sadhakas devotees and the general public (amongst whom there were several woman also) a sift these people were not the commoners but blood thirsty traitors and terrorist. Hundreds of people got severely inured. Many got their heads and legs fractured. From amongst all of them the police forcefully dragged along 234 sadhakas devotees into their vans and confined then in the police station after beating them with lathis. The ones who had got inured during the lathi charge and had been admitted in hospital for dressing etc. of wounds were picked directly for there and put in jail.
This entire conspiracy has been schemed in very pre meditated manner by the people at Sandesh to vilify Bapuji and his sadhakas With an intention to deviate the public movement turning against saddest they themselves undertook to set the police in clash ageist the sadhakas. Notwithstanding that the sadhakas devotes had conclude the 4 K.M long Yatra in a peaceful manner the way the police didn’t pay heed to the fact and brutally charged lathis on them is absolutely Shameful and deserving blame. All those caught by the police were presented before the court the next day under presented 143, 147 148 149 332 337 338 120 (B) 186 and under section 135 etc. of B.P Act section 307 relating to murder and thereafter they were sent to jail.
The Gujarat police was still not content even after punishing so strictly these simply people (keeping faith in the Hindu religion and culture) participating in the rally. The police with 25 vans200 police officials and Several media men on 27th November Whoever was found in the ashram wherever and in whatever condition was severely eaten with lathis and rifle ends kicked by legs and kicked by legs and boots were seized by chasing persutebty and crammed in police vans. The police themselves caused estuation at the central embodiment of faith in ashram i.e.Moksha jute sanctified papal tree (endowed with spatial powers) Mauna mender (the temples where austerities are performed in silence) religious books stall Arroyo Kendra as harm hospital telephone office Rishi Prasad office and ruined the things kept inside. Large members of elderly sadhakas and woman girls arrived in ashram form outside for the purpose of jape anushathana were also thrashed and forced into the police vans. Even the door of the room in which a sahsak was performing silent Sadhana of seven days was broke open he was seized van,. All this while a host of policemen together treated him to augury of lathis. The police specifically searched and beat the devotees and shamus (ascetics) in yellow robes. The sadhakas performing acts of worship were meted out an even harsh treatment. As much as 4 to 6 policemen simultaneously hit a single person is this the humanity of the Gujarat Police? The electronic media which arrived along with the police is itself a withies the entire sequence o events which broadcasted this barbaric campaign of the police on its barbaric campaign of the police on its channels.
Whatever money was lying on the counter of Rishi Prasad Kalian seta satsahitya an cassette stall etc. was also robbed by the police. The police inure to terrorize the sadhakas even fired shots when at the riverbank. The detained sadhakaswere to be seated at a filed around 50 meters away form the place where they were to step out of the vans after being taken form ashram. A number of japans carrying lathis stood either side all along this distance and were ruthlessly opening lathis on the sadhakas. The most shameful fact is this that more then 200 people were arrested by the Gandhinagar police without any F.I.R and were detained for 26 hours, without any charge where they were continuously beaten and given terrible mental torture. The whole night the drunk police of Gandhinagar kept beating the devotees and ashram residents and kept trying to compel them to spit and kick with foot on the photo of sant sir Asaramji Bapu an to speak slothful abusive languages for Bapuji. When they refueled to do so they were furthermore beaten.
Out of the people who taken in custody on 27th November at 4 P.M 192 person sere brouthg back and left in the ashram on 28th November at 6 p.m in injured state. So many of them had got their heads legs and hands badly split so much so that they had to be immediately admitted in civil and private hospitals.

The master planner behind this scene which shook humanity who on the strength of the foreign currency of the once involved in religious conversions and being under the influence of father of all sins greed became their ladle and made what not allegation and hatched what not conspiracies against Bapuji.
The direct involvement of Sandesh in all the conspiracies directed towards defamation was made indent to the world through the C.D named sajish ka parades. This made the people at Sandesh to guilefully make the police embroil with the ashram by creating unrest. Exploiting fully its financial and political recourse in order to protect its existence they carried out this entire foul play in this manner.
The loathsome attitude of the police is a stigma in the name of humanity and democracy. No amount of condemnation can be adequate for it. Toll date a number of religious and political rallies would have been help notification must have been made to collector but surely the police must have never before made use to lathi charge so many teargas balls and hand grenades so brutally.
The host of conspiracies being worked against pujay Bapuji has now reached to the extent of this that just a statement made by a characterless person holding an offensive temperament Raju Chandak and without any evidence and witness Bapuji was held for the attack made on him and an F.I.R was also lodged on the same day. However no complaint has been filed despite repeated motivations made regarding the barbaric treatment on sadhakas of the ashram and the destruction caused by the police in the ashram on 27th November till yet.
The suspicion of Raju chandak who harbors terrible malice towards Bapuji on Bapuji and his 2 sadhakas is an outright false baseless and prejudiced allegation. In fact if Raju being infuriated by the revelation of all his false allegation by the C.S Sajish ka personas puts blame on Bapuji for the shots fired on him as an act o retaliation them the magnitude of its truths can be easily estimated by the police. One can also apprehend the extent of ridiculousness and baseless ness accepting an F.I .R of an allegation as grave as conspiring a murder against a world reverenced saint like Bapuji barely by an assertion of a criminal like Raju Chandak. There is not even a thousandth of a percent chance of ivolventment of any sadhakas in this issue. It can be a dram or eyen a truth and if actually fire was shot then it is a loathsome conspiracy of their own gang. It may be possible that this might have been executed by the ones who were exposed during the sting operation of Raju Lambu.
All th sadhakas should meditate on the form of God and make auspicious resolves that the innocent ones and the institution as well may be protected form such atrocities and offenders should be……..

The F.I.R lodged by Raju chandak on 5/12/2009 is a misuse of legal procedure. According to me and also th specialists of criminal cases, this F.I.R. has been maliciously lodged by the complainant and is a conspiracy.
After going thought the F.I.R it seems that the shots fired on the complainant’s body which according to him were fired by tow unrecognized first going to his home instead of going to hospital: after that going form one hospital to another lodging the F.I.R after this and then directly accusing as great a saint as Sri Asaramji Bapu this whole sequnwece of events produces various such legal errors or contradictions on the base o which it can be said that it seems a predicated conspiracy to malignantly implicates sant Sri Asaramji Bapu in a legal trap by abusing law.
It is to be mentioned that prior to this F.I.R Also Raju Chandak an instrument of the anti religious men (along with his accomplices) had threatened Bapuji thrushes fax on 8 August 2008 to put an end to His life an had demanded ransom was not given the he threatened to implicate Bapuji and Narayan sai in various false case related to lands girls and others in context of which a written notification was sent by the Managers of the Ashram to the police and the Government Administration but no action has been taken against the above motioned fax as yet.
It were these conspirators only who used Rajesh Solanki (as dummy) to bring up a false case of kidnapping and got registered an F.I R and deceitfully tried to incriminate pujay Bapuji and Narayan Sai in legal net by accusing then under unplayable sections in the past. But this attempt had failed. The truth the conspiracy of
Rajesh was revealed by Rajesh Solanki wife herself. It is evident to the world that Rajesh Solanki had to go to jail.
Mohanlal D. Yadav
Advocate Mumbai High court.

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